Admission Essay

Admission Essay

Admission Essay

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I′m an international student applying for college in the US. In attachments i sent you the 5 possible topics and a little background about myself. The first 3 topics are connected to the background i wrote, and the other 2 are just the other topics suggested. Please feel free to write on any and bottom line you don′t have to use any of my background or the explanations on the first 3 topics as long as it′s a good essay, you can totally write it about an experience or something from your life. This means A LOT to me, so if you can write a better essay not using any of the info i said in the attachment, please do so. The 2nd attachment is a sample of a good admission essay that my counselor has sent me, you can compare it with that one. Please ask me any questions you might have.

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Admission Essay

Earning high school certification in America was one of my biggest accomplishment. Getting to this point in my life has been a significant milestone that marks my long journey in academics. It has been an accomplishment worth reckoning although I am yet to get to the point I have always wanted; getting a university degree from an American university. Seemingly being led by fate to my career since I was a five-year-old kid, I have managed to go through a lot.  Having been born in an in a village, then a small town in Macedonia, I had to do a lot of practice to better my English language proficiency. I embarked on a range of activities to achieve this; from practicing the language online to watching English television programs all in an attempt to become a good English speaker. By the time, I was graduating from primary school I had gradually changed to a good English-speaker from an exclusive Macedonian-speaker. And in no time, I was a fluent French speaker and a dabbler in Spanish and Russian by the time I was completing my high school education applications which involved a rigorous, tedious process of testing, applications, and interviews. My determination to study in the US kept my love for linguistics burning.

Little did I know that my dream of attending high school in the US would come true sooner than I expected. Sitting on a sofa, my mother, one evening came home with a letter. Joy was written all over her face. I could tell she had good news, and sure she had. I had been accepted as one of the twelve students from Macedonia who were to attend to an exchange program in the United States. The intensity of emotions spread through my whole being. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks; my legs shook not allowing me to stand when I felt like jumping and screaming. This is what I had been working for all that time.

Life in the United States was beginning to take shape in high school. I served several leadership roles starting from as low as the discussion group leader to being the overall student leader. During my vacations, I worked with other international students, who helped me gather knowledge on different cultures. I took part in various activities ranging from taking linguistics classes to volunteering during my free time. This acted as a booster to my linguistic curiosities and as a pathway to becoming a responsible person. This gave me a real understanding of the depths of adversity and diversity. I was able to interact with different people, therefore, gaining a great deal of friends from different parts of the country and the world at large. I was able to switch to the American culture at ease; the lifestyle, the way of communication, the music and the high-school life all fit me better as could have my own culture.

I was lucky to have the capability to balance between my academic and non-academic goals and thus achieved good grades in high school. This served as an invaluable contribution to my evolving understanding of equality and justice. In no time, I got my GED. I was making progress. Things seemed to be moving on smoothly with my GED at hand already.

Due to my absolute struggle as well as self will towards earning a degree, I have decided to apply for University education here in the US. The environment at the American institutions is welcoming and conducive for my studies.  The experience in the country during my high school education has made me feel like the world is finally opening up to me. Encouraged by my surroundings, I will be able to excel in my academics. I am willing to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead and with the significant role played by my family back home of instilling in me a sense of responsibility and determination, I want to become the successful person I have always wanted to be.

As part of my dreams, I hope to successfully complete a degree course in an American university. I strongly feel that getting involved in the different activities in life has provided me with an unparalleled opportunity to develop hands-on skills in personal relationship and leadership, skills that would undoubtedly be of immeasurable importance throughout my career. These have bolstered confidence in my ability to solve problems, organize and lead. These are the skills I aspire to develop further in my career through attaining a university degree. My experiences have provided me with a sense of responsibility that I will confidently carry on to university and my legal profession as a whole.