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We know that not every essay is the same. Depending on what college or school is, what course you’re studying, and even what type of professor you have, you will have to write a specific type of essay and will have a list of specific requirements that you must conform to when writing your essay.

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These are the essays you can buy from us:

Explanatory essay

This writing that provides a step-by-step explanation of a certain process or phenomenon. The writer must offer clear and concise information and may use diagrams, illustrations, or other forms of visual aids to back up their argument.

Informal essay

This is a more personal and relaxed essay than other forms of academic writing. The writer may use a informal tone and may write about topics that are more personal or subjective in nature.

Cause and effect essay

The aim when writing this type of essay is to discover the reasons for and consequences of a particular event or situation. The writer must identify the cause(s) and describe the effect(s), exploring the relationship between the two.

Expository essay

This is an essay that describes, informs or explains a particular subject or concept. A writer must provide clear and concise information, often using facts and examples to support their argument.

Compare and contrast essay

Comparing and contrasting two or more items, such as ideas, concepts, or objects. The goal is to identify similarities and differences and to evaluate which is more effective or relevant.

Definition essay

This essay explains the meaning of a particular term or concept. The writer must provide a clear and concise definition, and may also include information on the history, uses, and characteristics of the term.

Critical essay

A type of writing that evaluates and analyzes a particular piece of work or concept, such as a book, film, artwork, or argument. The goal is to offer an informed and objective analysis that highlights both strengths and weaknesses.

Persuasive essay

This essay goal is to convince the reader to accept a particular point of view or take a specific action. The writer must present a strong argument and provide evidence to support their position.

Narrative Essay

The aim of this essay is to tell a story, usually from the writer's personal experience. The goal is to involve the reader by describing events, characters, and emotions in a clear and compelling manner.