Agency that provides family counseling

Agency that provides family counseling

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this research is for my portfolio for my Child Development Associate course: here are a few guided questions: Name and contact info for an agency that provides family counseling! name and contact info for agency that provides translation service and one that provides sign language translation! Name, contact info, and brief summary describing two agencies that provide services/resources for preschool children with disabilities! List of three websites and brief summaries of each that provide info that will help families understand preschool children development. Websites must provide articles on preschool children development. Provide an article from each website, one of those articles must be about child guidance! Name and contact info of state agencies responsible for regulation of child care centers and family childcare homes! Summaries of legal requirements regarding preschool children abuse /neglect and the mandatory reporting guidelines! List of two or three early childhood associations : include website address, describe the professional resources and membership opportunities each offers!


Agency that provides family counseling


Contact: Phone: (518) 725-4310; Fax: (518) 725-2556

Agency that provides translation

Name: Vistatec.

Contact: phone, +1 408 898 2364; Fax: +1 408 898 2361

Sign language translation

Name: ASLIS.

Contact: phone, 763-478-8963; Fax: 763-478-3093; Email:

Agency providing services to preschool/disabled

Name: IHI International.

Contact: phone, 484-872-2828; Email:

Summary: it is an international no profit organization that is dedicated in empowering people with disability especially children across the world. It offers close supports in terms of resources to other nonprofit partner organizations across Europe, Africa, and America.

Name: Center for Parent Information and Resources c/o Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN)

Contact: phone, (973) 642-8100; Email:

Summary: it is a body funded by U.S. Department of Education with the sole aim of supporting parent center network and its roles in educating parents and tutors in improving outcome and care for children with disabilities.

List of three website and summary

Website 1:

Summary: the website provides detailed information that will be beneficial to the parent or the guardian of a potential or a preschool student, the site has broken down various attributes of a child depending on their age and the further information on how the parents should handle the child.

Website 2:

Summary: the above website provide online resources that can be of benefit to a family; especially families with young children. It provides guidelines and information relating to child development and child foundation skills that will enable your child overcome challenges in future.

Website 3:

Summary: it provides tip on the cognitive and psychological development of preschool children and how parents can handle or interpret certain behavior associated with such a stage (preschool stage).

Articles on preschool children development websites


State agencies for child care

Name: Office of Children and Family Services

Contact: phone; (518) 473-7793; Fax: (518) 486-7550

Name: Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.

Contact: phone, 608-422-7000; Fax: 608-266-6836

Summaries of legal requirements regarding child abuse

  • The child’s name.
  • Description of the neglect or abuse.
  • Names, addresses of the parents/guardians.
  • Child’s age.
  • Other details that will elaborate on the details of the abuse or neglect and how the above abuse occurred.

List of two or three early childhood associations

  1. Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI). Website;; membership is activated upon filling an online form and making the required payment.
  2. Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), Division for Early Childhood (DEC). Website;; membership it is offered to people who work with children of between zero to eight years.
  3. Child Care Aware of America. Website; membership is through invitation only or through registered nonprofit organization.