Case Analysis; Proto3000

Case Analysis; Proto3000

Case Analysis; Proto3000

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“Case Analysis” Max 1000 words Don’t need external sources. Just use the attached case study. Please answer the following questions on the paper:- How would you advise John Frangella on the plans for at Proto3000’s future? What are the main segments that Proto3000 should focus on? How would you view 3D printing and how Proto3000 should position itself? To excel in this assignment, you need to identify the kind of VUCA environment Proto3000 faces, and apply appropriate techniques to craft your advice.


3D printing being a sector that is growing rapidly with the changing technology, has a large impact on the sections of manufacturing. This makes it easy since the process doesn’t involve fabrication or machining but involves the addition of microscopic layers of materials. An ultraviolet laser treats the resin and this was founded in the 80’s while fused deposition modeling was found about three years later.  The two technologies were used to come up with the 3D printing. This article is going to focus on the company Proto3000 that has ventured into this technology. It going to look at environments, advice, challenges and positions that the company’s state is in.

From visions of the rapid target growth of the type of printing, Frangella ventured into the business by starting proto3000. The company helped members to find the 3D technologies that would fit their needs and eight years down the line the company had grown to a big company which included manufacturers of the printers, scanners, and the software developers.

There are those specific areas that the company should venture more so that can achieve their goals. They are headed by the automotive industry. Since the company was among the first customers to Proto3000 and they remain among the major consumer of the products by the company. This is because it is notable from quite a distance that the automobile industry is growing so fast that in the near future every household at least will have a car. That means with increased production in the company there will definitely be increased sales.

I would also advise Frangella to focus on the aerospace sector. This is a sector that has not been full been explored everywhere. This industry requires a close look at the research since it does not have room for mistakes from the kind of mess that would arise from small mistakes. Therefore, the company should focus on the high requirement of prototypes that show and give predictions of the new ideas that have been brought to the table. For example, there are rockets and satellites that are in the future plans to be launched in space. Before this is realized they require detailed demonstration using models, therefore, the company can venture in the production of such models

Medical care sector is yet another area that the company would major their research and productions. There are models that are necessary. For example, for people who have artificial parts transplants can have their prototypes manufactured from this kind of printing. For example, some cases of blindness could be studied and solved by this method. Therefore, I would have the company advised to do the venturing in the sector. However, the sector has not really evolved but yet still it has a chance of succeeding.

The building and construction or also referred as the architecture sector. This is really doing well since before buildings are constructed they require a lot of planning. The 3D printing has given the developers, planners and the architect an easy time in showing what they can really do to their customers. They are able to create models of the development they have in mind or the ones as they have been explained by their consumers before building. Therefore, this is a kind of venture I would encourage Frangella to look more into.

I view the 3D printing as the life changing technology that has come to make the work in humans easier in a way. However, the technology has a problem of lacking permanent investments from its customers since they have not fully trusted the technology. Therefore, the company should try to improve their products and upgrades before releasing them to the general public. This would come a long way in having their discoveries trusted by their consumers.

In my opinion, the technology should not only be involved in the production and manufacturing of the models of certain products but also involved in the production of the actual products. For example, in the architectural sector, the company should not limit themselves in models only, but they should also do construction of real houses. This way they would get more customers involving themselves with the technology.

Another view is that, if you go to many of the people you find that they are not familiar with this great technology. Therefore, finding professionals is quite a challenge. The company could do an investment in training their workers in the sector quite well. This would take Proto3000 to the next level of success. They could also ensure more efforts in the advertisement of the product.

VUCA environment basically means volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. In the complexity part, there is some information or data Proto3000 cannot acquire and therefore they are left with the option of predicting some of it. for example, the future plans and market performance can be predicted on how it will perform. Also having the company work in different areas could perform differently, thus giving different results. Volatility comes in terms of the lack of knowledge of how different upgrades will work. Could there be natural disasters that could affect the success of this company? Ambiguity is also a characteristic that should be known. For example, the relationships between Proto3000 and a company or field like the aerospace could change. For example, they could decide to venture in a different or emerging market. To have ambiguity in control it is important to understand and test the discoveries. Uncertainty is another environment that should be looked at. Despite lacking information, the effects of certain actions should be known. For example, there could arise another competitor in the same business. Therefore, Proto3000 should keep on focusing on the upgrade of their technologies and products.

Complexity in a company normally arises from the challenge of traditional leadership approaches. The leadership has become lesser useful in managing the modern technology businesses this has led to the rise of complexity. In these modern economic environment, the companies are struggling with complexity and this makes product life management. The companies require innovation and adaptation to stay in the market.

The product life management method addresses this challenge of complexity and volatility by measuring product innovation and this enables the companies to overcome this challenge. Another method of tackling the problem is through digitalization. This helps to keep up with the evolving consumer tastes. The volatility which rises from lack of predictions can be addressed through well managed internal systems.

In the whole, the environments and different kind of ventures that Proto3000 should consider getting into has been looked at and the necessary advice has also been given to the company on the challenges it should look closely at in order to avoid being caught up.