Drinking and Driving

Drinking and Driving


Eng 102


Many deaths have been associated with drunk driving. I feel compelled to write about the consequences of this. Does it really take the death of someone famous for people to get this? It does not have to be the case. There have been quite a noticeable number famous people due to drunk driving. Drunk driving causes impaired judgement therefore makes the driver ineligible to drive. This can only be compared to committing suicide.

On the other hand, there has been adverts all over warning people against drinking and driving. The ads have been sensitizing the people of the dangers associated with this behavior. The ads make people think twice before they drive. The dangers include loss of life, loss of some parts of the body, hurting others, the risk of facing the law just to name a few. Many families have been separated due to this problem. Statistics say that thirty percent of the accidents that occur on roads are caused by careless driving triggered by drunk driving. Almost everyone can tell of an incident they witnessed of careless driving or they were directly involved in one. whether it is by letting someone who is drunk drive just by simply saying ‘I am fine’ or possibly being involved in an accident with drink person.


The adverts have helped reduce the accidents caused by drunk driving. They influence people to prevent the accidents from a personal level. This is because any accident that may be caused not only affects the one concerned but to the civilian.

The adverts that are used have a deeper meaning which needs to be analyzed. The images used such as the one attached are ironic. The irony creates humor as well serves the purpose of passing the message across. The irony and pathos really are catchy and make passing of information short and precise. The images are straight forward. They are very easy to understand. They show the consequences of drinking and driving.  Some images and writings such as the one under discussion are put on roadsides or at drinking points to warn the possible culprits from getting tempted to drink and drive.

The government has come in to reduce the number of deaths that are caused by drinking and driving. The department of motor vehicles hart started to suspend the licenses of those who are convicted with more than three cases of driving when drunk within twenty-five years. Unfortunately, more than six thousands of people fit this category and have their licenses suspended. The offenders get back their licenses after a period of time. They do not get the full freedom though since they are not allowed to commute from work or to school. Many are forced to install the interlock device in their vehicles to check on their sobriety before the ignition starts.  Drivers who have committed fatal accidents and other serious offenses are permanently banned from using their licenses.

Statistics show that drinking and driving was the major cause of accidents in 2014 (Holly page 64). There were 7587 accidents that occurred, of which 132 were fatal and more than 4500 injuries sustained.  The best thing to do to stop this is by making sure that you are responsible as an individual. It all starts with you.

Relying on the personal alcohol test is not recommended. This s because different people have different blood alcohol concentrations (BAC). This refers to the amount of alcohol in someone’s blood. (Holly, page 102). It is measured as weight of alcohol per unit volume of blood. It is mostly converted in percentage. If a person’s BAC is ten percent, thus means that ten percent of their blood is alcohol. However various factors can influence a person’s BAC. These includes the speed at which a person drinks, their body weight, their gender and the amount of food they have in the stomach. This does not, however mean that there any safe time to drink and drive. In New York, if a person has a BAC of over eight percent, they are legally considered as impaired. This means that even if the person does not feel the same, they are according to the legal measures.

Individuals sometimes buy devices to test their BAC before they drive. They use them to determine if the BAC is higher or lower than the legal limit. The drivers should not rely on this since the devices are not very accurate.  Some of them do not actually how to use them and ends up looking at the wrong measurements. They also do not know when to measure the BAC. They fail to understand that the alcohol concentrations in the body changes with time. For instance, the BAC may be lower than the reading after some thirty minutes.

Reports by the Washington post shows a man who was arrested after his tenth DWI. Even after all the nine DWI’s the man was still driving (Marshall B, page 23). This means that several lives must have been lost during all the nine incidents. This shows carelessness on the part of the driver as well as the police. This shows how necessary it is for the ignition interlock devices to be installed in the offenders’ car after the first offence. This will prevent any reoccurrence of the same since their cars will not ignite if they are drunk. In this way those who share the vehicle with the offender may still use the vehicle if they first blow into the device before they drive.

If one cannot refrain from drinking, there are a number of thing they can do. They can ensure they have a sober driver to take them home.  They won’t have to worry so much since the driver will ensure no traffic offence is committed and therefore any consequences that come along with drunk driving will be avoided. Another thing that a person can do is hail a taxi on their way home if they realize they are too drunk to drive. They can leave the vehicle at the parking bay where they may pick it the following day when they are sober. This could be a little costly but not as much as it can be once they commit a traffic offence. The minimum fine that a person can pay when caught having committed a DWI in, for instance, New York is $97000. This is not an amount one could joke with n would probably injure the offender financially.one could also decide to spend the night at a friend’s place if they are sure they will drink too much.

People are supposed to be responsible and should therefore report any case of drunk driving to the police if they spot an offender. This is for their own good as well as other road users. All motorist should ensure that they fasten their safety belts before they drive. Those who use motorcycles or bicycles should ensure they wear helmets. People should exercise vigilance by aiding others who try to drive when intoxicated. They should take the keys from them and help them reach their destinations.

One should keep in mind that the most dangerous time of the year is during cerebrations. The festive seasons such as Christmas, new year, Halloween and the like are the times many have accidents. One should be very cautious during such times and events to save life.at such times, one should make sure that the driver does not take any alcoholic drink.

In conclusion, safety starts at an individual level. One should keep in mind that drinking and driving is like committing suicide. One should make sure that they take all the precautions to avoid confrontation by law and make sure they see yet another day.



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