Fracking extraction

Fracking extraction

Fracking extraction

Oil and the gas extraction essentially involves the quarrying, the mining as well as the process that revolve in and around the extraction of gas and oil in the US. The extraction process comprises the frameworks that are used in the extraction of such naturally existing minerals as ores (includes such liquid minerals as crude oil as well as the natural gas) and coal. I would think that the fracking process is far much better than any other extraction process. This paper defines the pros and cons of the fracking process stating that is one of the best gas extraction option (Bill).

To start with, is the fact that the fracking process reduces environmental pollution. Having reduced the use of these energies, the fracking process is able to cut on the emission of harmful effluents. In addition, the fracking process has been reported to have reduced the chemical toxicity from the surface of the earth. Furthermore, it produces gas that decreases the use of energy from nuclear plants as well as that from the coal minerals. Secondly the fracking process is an effective political planning tool. The fracking process gives the US government more period of time to evaluate the availability of the gas deposits relative to the general use of the gas in the country (Bill). Moreover, it has been argued that the energy produced the fracking process is clean. Third on an economic sense, the fracking process leads to the creation of job opportunities. Furthermore, the taxes directed to the community are cut down which in the long run reduces cost of the basic social amenities (Jaspal et al, 513).

Even then, there are many disadvantages that have been linked to the fracking process of oil extraction. To begin with, the debris of the extraction of oil may find its way to the water bodies nearby, contaminating water. In addition, the entire process is associated with the emission of toxins which may be lethal. Secondly, the industries involved in the extraction process do not disclose the chemicals they use in the entire process. This makes it hard for the responsible organizations to arrest any possible pollutions in of the environment. Third, the aspect of environmental pollution where the biocide additives may have some economic issues when they lead to the rusting of materials (Martin, A19).

In conclusion, although there disadvantages of the fracking process. The fracking process is best extraction process given the fact that it has more advantages than disadvantages. As such, the fracking process is the best among other extraction processes.

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