Funding for Your Final Project

Funding for Your Final Project

Locating Funding for Your Final Project


Sources of Funding- Discussion

Community-based participatory research, popularly known as the (CBPR) has been identified as one collaborative research process that involves researchers from different communities and settings   who apply the knowledge they have about the local conditions to make critical decisions in health care. The process allows the researchers design interventions, come up with products that help the community lead a better life through reducing health disparities.

Due to the increased interest in research, funding has become paramount. It is therefore crucial to identify viable sources of funding for one’s project. The funding sources for my project in this case were identified through contacting individuals, posting several key listservs and searching web sites. As a result, the best funding sources were found to be private funding agencies with active “program announcements” and “requests for proposals” that could either fund CBPR. In addition to this, the possibility of getting grants would be an effective source of funds.

Federal funding sources would also play a significant role in funding the project. Federal agencies that would be effective in this case would include the National Institutes of Health (NIH) which is one of the principal health research agencies. The fact that the agency is part of the Department of Health and Human Services makes it a perfect choice.  The agency provides cooperative agreements, grants, and contracts to help accomplish their goals.

Finally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whose main objectives are to establish methods through which they can link to the communities with their services and to effect positive change in occupational and environmental conditions.

These sources of funding will be essential in the commencement and progress of the project. This will create a conducive environment for creation of mutual partnership in developing appropriate research strategies aimed at addressing occupational or environmental health problems.