IT/IS Strategic Plan at AIMS

IT/IS Strategic Plan at AIMS

IT/IS Strategic Plan at AIMS



IS/IT strategic plan at AIMS continues to highlight the issues of strategic business and IT planning alignment to achieve business performance. As an option to the standard models in the planning and execution of the IS/IT by a company, this report proposes an externalized approach by distinguishing the market driven needs through AIM’s strategic plan to the client. It is got from product and service consumption. This externalized client value is accommodated by the internalized AIM’s creation and conveyance of the esteem as proposed by its consumer satisfaction guarantee.

The IS/IT strategic plan being a fundamental empowering mechanism to create and deliver services to the customers proposes better support of the client. AIMS whose attempt has dependably been to enhance customer satisfaction to gain a competitive advantage to actualize the strategic plan as will be outlined in this report. The internal and the external components will be utilized to outline this reconciliation in its market driven IS/IT strategic plan. AIMS market driven IS/IT strategic plan is the base of the key combination of the external and internal components that is addresses the key issues in a more comprehensive way as will be delineated in the report.


Advanced Interactive Media Solutions (AIMS) exists to push the frontier of what digital signage can accomplish. The organization is among the leading giants in the digital signage industry in the Middle East. The company has, therefore, been able to provide the much-needed digital signage and interactive consumer experience solutions. Digital Signage being a standout amongst the best present day correspondence mediums which conveys high ROI, permits corporates to show compelling and focused messages to expand deals, connect with their clients and show vital data to representatives, customers and guests, in a drawing, intuitive and fruitful way. AIMS International having effectively been able to operate in more than 50 nations over the five continents, with more than 90 workplaces and more than 350 specialists, has made it their mandate to focus on giving executive pursuits and talent Administration benefits through a visionary and consultative process that anticipates hierarchical issues and creates far-reaching arrangements.

The company boasts of success in this field which has been as a result of its Consultative Approach (Define – Assess – Close – Succeed). Its local and international executive pursuit strategies have therefore been intended to decide the genuine needs of the customers. The approach employed works for each organization, in any industry, over each capacity, in any geographic area. Utilizing this approach permits all AIMS scouting accomplices to give thought administration, talent administration, talent advancement and helpful staff evaluations to viable deal with the hunt and resolve authoritative clashes. As a Retained Search firm, AIMS have a commitment to locate the correct fit and will, therefore, ensure positive results at the end of it all. By listening to the customers and the applicants then sharing ideas.

Overview of strategic plan

The key capacity of the Management Committee is to decide the course and extent of the association over the longer term. The strategic plan includes actions like shedding light on what the company is all about; choosing what is and is not a need for the utilization of assets; investigating the inner and outer environment; considering how best to manage upcoming changes and moves; setting out an unmistakable bearing; and setting solid objectives for what’s to come.

It includes taking a gander at the company as a total substance and is worried about its long-haul improvement. This includes taking a look at what the company is set up to do, where the association is currently, figuring out where it needs to get to, and mapping how to get there. The strategic plan ought to be in a written summary to guarantee that all concerns are clear in regards to the goals the company is working towards.

The company’s former mission was to lead the global market in Digital Signage. But the company ought to bring different stakeholders on board.  This includes the clients, partners and the employees. Through this, they are going to realize optimal results. This has therefore led to the creation of the IT mission which is to enable, govern and drive business imagination and innovation at AIMS through a centralized, efficient and easy use of IT capabilities. The IT mission, however seems to be an upgrade from the previous mission. Tied closely is the zeal to make AIMS the preferred signage destination for clients by delivering outstanding solutions, continuous innovation, and an exceptional audience’s experience. This is through making daily tasks easier and reduces time spent on internal and external processes through a central cloud-based system.

The company former values which were fostering reliability, affordability, ease of use seem to be in line with the IT values, which are enhancing high availability in service delivery, stable and secure operations all work together towards the strategic plan. AIMS IT/IS strategic plan involves reviewing goals, collecting Information, evaluating IT/IS and SW application. The system review, identification of gaps, development of IT/IS short and long project plan and having the IT/IS Strategy additionally aims at enhancing the company’s plans.

It is along these lines that the mandate of AIMS guarantees that they execute an effective technique since Information Technology (IT) has proved to be a crucial part of the modern world. As we move farther into the 21st century, it is vital to expanding the endeavours in keeping or customers happy with breakthrough facilities.

The Global Flagship 2030 explores this vision, and from multiple points of view, IT will serve a basic part in figuring it out. AIMS company, therefore, works tirelessly into making this true. Future objectives, both particular and at present are additionally important to assess. The establishment at which point future IT administrations and activities rest and work. While this establishment is from multiple points of view, a feeling of pride is likewise not without its chances for development. Given the increasingly collaborative nature of technology, as well as the incremental increases in network speed and storage, new and innovative ways of contributing to the company continue to emerge. Creative innovation and collaborative IT apparatuses take into consideration the organization to be more hearty and dynamic.

AIMS IT/IS Strategic Plan outlines IT’s past, present, and future at the company, taking note of the present setting in which IT administrations work, expanding upon past accomplishments, benefiting from lessons learned, and outlining a reasonable course for tomorrow’s IT endeavours. The strategic plan illustrated is energizing in its forward-looking point of view and displays a promising vision of IT’s future on the organization. The Strategic Plan gives the company a chance to adjust its IT objectives to additional planning initiatives, for instance, the Global Flagship 2030 and the company’s Core Initiatives. The Strategic Plan epitomizes the soul of AIMS’s brilliant future as an advanced signage company. Particular suggestions and long and fleeting goals within the arrangement empower and direct tomorrow’s IT endeavours as per this vision. Further, AIMS’s Core Initiatives outline priority areas for investment in fulfilling the company goals and maintaining its presence like a digital signage company nationally and globally.

Reviewing the company’s IT goals would mean to optimize work. The main goal of this step being to facilitate faster communications, efficient operations, Shorter cycle time in reporting and a rich knowledge Base. Differentiating with competitors, enhancing customer services by reducing response time, speeding up solving issues, providing unique and innovation solutions, leading in technology, robust monitoring on the processes and collaboration on innovation will place the company in a better position in the global market. When it comes to the employees, their development, enabling human resource management and the social collaboration to connect all into one community will be an additional milestone for the company.

The second step involves collecting information in different areas. These include the accounts, the management, sales, and the presales. In accounting, the need automated bills claim system and access to approved and closed quotations would serve as the best strategy. In management, there is the need to have control and overview on all of the company processes.

The Sales, on the other hand, need interactive quotation system Includes lists of all available products and solutions.  Presales would then require interactive online ticketing Portal and an effective knowledge base.

The third step in the strategic plan incorporates evaluation of how the company was before the IT/IS strategic plan. But the company to thrive, there would need to be some significant changes in these areas. They include establishing email strategy to communicate with clients and partners, word files to make reports, invoices and PO and development of a strong website since a weak website would not be of any help to customers.

The strategic plan will be fostered by the current fifty members of Staff who are distributed in different sectors. There are 20 members of staff working in sales, three on presales, seven technicians, 2 SW developers three graphic designers. The rest are team leaders, reception PRO, HR, accountants.  With the combined efforts of these members, the company will be able to achieve most of its planned activities. This includes benchmarking companies such as ALMO, ZIO, and Trigon. The same lot will be able to work towards targeting customers at restaurants such as KFC, Hardees, Papa Murphy’s, shopping centres such as Dubai Mall, Delma Mall and Sahara Center and hotels such as Jumeirah Towers (AD), Crown Plaza (DFC).

Evaluating the current IS, the following can be drawn on the board. The company has applied a very basic strategy. The company uses PEACHTREE accounting, has no automated bills claims, has its reports, invoices, PO, PI made and stored in word files, and lack a central management and monitoring. Communications with clients and local partners are through email only.

Step four which involves the SW app and system review involves the optimization of our work. This is meant to enhance faster communications, efficient operations, the shorter cycle time in reporting and an efficient Knowledge Base which would consequently lead to achieving the company’s business goal; to be the leader in the market not aligned with IT Strategy. The plan would enhance customer services by reducing response time, speeding up the time taken in solving issues, provide unique and innovation solutions and improve customer satisfaction not aligned with IT strategy. To make sure that AIMS lead in technology, there needs to be powerful monitoring on the processes and collaboration on innovation.

Enlightening the employees will ensure that no control on the internal processes like quotations, revised quotations, bills claims is made. Usually, employees spend most of the time out of the office so the processes must be centralized. The strategy would as well build a knowledge base out of the online ticketing portal, which will help customers to find answers before submitting tickets.

To culminate the strategic plan, a SWOT Analysis on the company had to be done where the strengths include selling reliable products, successful portfolio and exclusive partner for SCALA. The weaknesses include lack of alignment between business and IT, weak IT strategy plan and use of old basic apps. The opportunities, on the other hand, include being most recognized locally and globally, expanding the business in the Middle East and partnerships with premium clients. The Threats include poor customer support, limited Budget and aggressive competition from other firms

Having a new centralized system will help to monitor and control internal processes and a cloud database that will be accessible from anywhere and anytime. The online ticketing portal will build a knowledge base out of the online ticketing portal, which will help customers to find answers before submitting tickets which will enable the employee to give faster response for the customer claims. The quotation system will reduce the time spent on quotation and allow collaboration with other employees.

The numerous benefits associated with IT strategy. This includes access and visions on quotations by the accountants. Being able to claim bills from anywhere, faster customer service response, provision of a knowledge base, reduction in the time spent in the quotation, having a master product list, and centralizing management.

In developing IT/IS short and long plan, the process ought to be divided into phases. Phase one will include a new infrastructure in IT that will enable AIMS to have an alignment between IT and the business.  The second phase will be the use of advanced applications to foster security.  Phase three will be evaluation and enhancement to make sure that everything is on track and is as anticipated. Ultimately, phase four will be implementation.

The benefits of having an updated strategy list are numerous. They include having a central management and clear visibility of the management, systematic bill claims and direct payment for services and products by customers and as well having to pay employees directly into their bank accounts. Reliability in the interactive quotation system will as well be achieved. The plan will as well enhance customer support through the online portal where they will be able to communicate directly to the company. In conclusion, there will be a faster and easily accessible knowledge base for the clients and partners.


Analytical results obtained in this study illustrate that the application of IS/IT strategic plan at AIMS is able to support the overall business process. The analysis covers both the environment and environmental business in order to identify the needs of the plan to support business processes at the company. The strategic plan is focused on arranging to support the main activities in AIMS, such as adoption of new skills, education and teaching, research and customer satisfaction. Another strategy outlined is to give the proposed solutions of IS/IT strategic plan to sustain the various activities that support the main activity, such as management, facilities and information technology, administration, finance and accounting, and increase presence in UAE and other countries in order to gain a competitive advantage. The application of the methodology in the preparation of the IS/IT strategic plan at AIMS provides alignment between IS/IT with the vision, mission and goals of the organization as a portfolio of solutions based on the results of research and analysis of the primary activities identified using a value chain activity.



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