Manage Customer Engagement

Manage Customer Engagement

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  1. What is customer centric marketing?

This is the impression customers are given when a business or a company markets its products the content product or strategy of a business will always consider the customers interests. This is a marketing strategy where the customers decide how the businesses will market their products/services

  1. What is a financial plan?

A financial plan is a comprehensive evaluation containing the summary of the business/ organizational financial that is written to show how future financial goals will be achieved

  1. What are budgets and what are their main purposes?

Budgets are well laid out plans containing key components of an organization in addition to that it contains outcomes of expected future expenditure and income.

Main purposes of the budget

  1. Keeps the business on toes by monitoring it
  2. Sometimes the decision making process can be critical , but with the budget the decision making process is dependent on it
  • With a budget in place future expenditure, profits and profits require are always on check
  1. Explain activity based costing model when allocating cost?

Activity based planning is a special model that identifies what activities are being  undertaken in an organization, assigns the cost of resources to all products that are being offered  to customers and finally supports strategic decision with regards  to pricing outsourcing and process involvement initiative

  1. What is meant by the term variance in budgets?

Budget variance is either the surplus or deficit accounted for after the a c teal performance has been deducted from the planed performance

  1. How does a business plan and a budget help to identify relevant business information needs?

A business plan provides a map that contains future incomes and expenditures that help managers drive business objectives

  1. Explain the financial management process?

Financial management process involves steps undertaken to ensure optimum financial decision making within an organization, the process depends on the size and composition of assets. The level and structure of the corporate financing is also a core factor.

  1. What are the 5 steps in a financial management process?
  • Plan:
  • Develop:
  • Implement:
  • Monitor:
  • Evaluate/control:


  1. Explain internal dimensions and external dimensions in regards to budgeting vs. financial management?
  2. Internal dimensions: These are budgets that are are set for the purpose of internal management of the enterprise/organization, these are a budgets used to set sales and revenue targets, estimate a d control costs, achieve profit objectives and finally to manage cash flows. The plans are for a defined period of time
  3. External dimensions: These are reports aimed at strengthening the relationship of enterprise and the external stakeholders. The external dimensions involve reporting financial results to shareholders, banks, the Australian stock exchange and government regulators.
  4. Explain
  5. Budget plan This is a summary of projected cash flows and operation plans with targets and key performance indicators towards achieving the goals
  6. Control: This involves weighing actual performance  with budgeted/standard targets so as to in come up with contingent plans or revisiting plans reviewing sales invoices and sales receipts
  7. Contingency: allows for times when the budget and financial plans is no longer working properly and other options need to be taken to prevent budget/costs blow out
  8. How are budgets allocated?
  9. What is best practice budgeting?


  1. Explain the six steps used in best practice budgeting?
  2. Link budget development to corporate strategy
  3. Allocation of resources
  • Incentives and performance  measures are linked
  1. Link cost management efforts to budgeting
  2. Reduce budget complexity and cycle time
  3. Develop budgets that accommodate change




  1. Explain what an information system is and briefly explain how it works?

An information system assists employees with informational support for proper decision making process, the system collects, transmits and stores data for the benefit of management towards organizations process through proper decision making

  1. List the functions of an information system
  2. Marketing information assists in the sales promotion and price determination
  3. Manufacturing information system deals with the product design scheduling and quality control of the business
  4. Accounting and financial information systems assists the management with audit, fund management financial control  and financial  forecast ting
  5. Human resource information system assists with planning, recruitment of new staff, compensation and benefits within the organization



  1. What are the benefits of a management information system in the organization?

Related to their departments or groups and request for internal transfers of material

Employers can use it to check on inventory system for accountability, view statistics related to their department for proper analysis and finally to request for internal transfer of materials as quickly as possible.

  1. What are the requirements of a management information system?
  2. The purchase of the system
  3. An expert to oversee and maintain the system
  4. Proper Training to the employees on how the system works




  1. What types of information can a management information system collect?

Business inventory

Personal records

Company’s financial records

  1. What types of reports does the management information system produce?

Summary reports

Detail reports

Exception reports

  1. List the key points a manager should keep in mind in order to get the most out of information system
  2. The use of available hardware and software technologies to support the business.
  3. Utilization of the available technology facilitates information flow
  4. Determine if any strategic advantages are to be gained by the use of your information system such as in the area of order, placement shipment tracking order fulfilment, market forecasting
  5. Use quantification opportunities presented by your info to measure analyses and benchmark the performance of  an individual department  division plant or  entire org
  6. List some of the ways that data can be collected, give examples of each?
  7. Talk to people through interviews, oral history and public forums
  8. Get written responses from questionnaire and surveys
  9. Review documentation  and existing data from  either meeting notes or media articles
  10. Observations where stake holders or partners choose observe community change




  1. List a brief summary of the conditions you must comply with when collecting recording and disclosing information?
  2. personal information should not be collected in whichever r way unless it’s necessary
  3. incase personal information is a necessity it should be collected  through lawful means
  4. An org must collect personal info only from that individual is in agreement with the  decision
  5. When collecting  information do so with focus on sensible data
  6. Explain the use and  disclosure of information
  7. An org must not disclose personal info for secondary purpose without the owner’s consent
  8. Personal info can be disclosed if the disclosure is to lessen harm to the general public or he is related  to unlawful activities or the  disclosure is required under the law




  1. What are the methods used to engage with stakeholders in for engagement center information?


  1. Give a brief explanation on short  and long-term engagement center information system report and  why they are important

Ensure accurate date is saved and obtained and saved for reporting of figures/statistics

Future reference for organization

The content of the report depends on the purpose of the report and how it will be used to transfer info to stakeholders






  1. What sort of business is stock lands? Describe in your own words in one paragraph

Stock lands  is one  of  the  largest  real estate companies  an d  among the top traded companies in the Australian stock  exchange,  the company bra g s of  so many a  achievement test including the fact  that it has withstood over 60 years. The company delivers affordable housing options depending on how affordable is to you. The company boasts of assets worth over $16.6billion

  1. What is the structure of the business?

Limited liability

Stock lands is  a  publicly traded company with the  current share price  at 4.07 AUD, it is  comprised of 8 board  members including Tom pocket as the chairman,  the executive team on the other hand is  comprised of 9 members.



  1. Identify the groups within the customer base?
  2. Commercial retail
  3. Industrial tenant
  4. Shoppers in retail centers
  5. Residential community customers
  6. Residents in our retirement villages
  7. Explain how stock lands engages with customers within different groups

The online platform works well for them  given that they cannot reach everyone and when  their  customer base is very huge so the online resource is ideal for the business


  1. What are the best methods for setting up contract for each group of customer to gain insight into their needs
  2. Setting up customers’ expectations
  3. Trust in a relationship
  4. Implementing anticipatory services
  5. Building relationships online
  6. Implementing a survey that monitors customers feedbacks
  7. Explain how and why customers engagements vary across business units
  8. Creating a position within the organization called chief content officer whose role will be to coordinate his team into providing the right content
  9. You can increase budget allocation towards marketing so that the marketing department gets the lions share
  10. You can also host a customer’s engagement summit to get a liar picture of what they really want



  1. Define at least one research objective for your satisfaction audit

To deliver affordable housing options across Australia

  1. Develop a survey containing questions which collect both qualitative and quantitative data for analysis. There should be at least 10 questions this survey will be used to measure the satisfaction of shoppers at stock land. consider the following and anything you can think of
  2. Shopping environment (cleanliness, variety of shops)
  3. Customer service of the stock land staff (cleaners, center management)
  4. Availability of service
  5. Signage
  6. Ease of access to center (parking)
  7. How many vacant shops are available
  8. How far are the shops from the center
  9. How old are the buildings
  10. Are there parking lots allocated for  customers
  11. Is the  area densely populated
  12. Who charges the rent
  13. What do  people like  about this place
  14. How frequent do the  structures get  cleaned  up
  15. How can we improve this place
  16. What services do people like most