Rhetorical analysis of a song

Rhetorical analysis of a song

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Worth: 100 points in the papers category Purpose: To write about 1 to 1 1/2 pages of a rhetorical analysis of a song (below are some suggestions). In your paper you should: an MLA heading and a centered title that is creative Have an introduction that names the song and the singer, and that clearly states what rhetorical strategies you will discuss and whether or not the song is effective in its argument. Consider pathos, logos, ethos and literary devices (from terms list). Body paragraphs for each rhetorical strategy (2-3) that clearly explains the strategy and how the song uses it with textual evidence (quote or paraphrase the song). You should be aware of the context of the song, the audience, etc. A conclusion that recaps main points made and reiterates the song′s effectiveness or lack thereof. Some songs that will work: ″Style″, Taylor Swift ″You Oughta Know″, Alanis Morrisette ″Firework″, Katy Perry ″Imagine″, John Lennon ″Demons″, Imagine Dragons ″Where is the Love″, Black Eyed Peas ″Take Your Time″, Sam Hunt ″Man in the Mirror″, Michael Jackson a song of your choosing? Tone/Audience: the Lone Star community. You should maintain a scholarly tone. Avoid using 1st person, 2nd person, and contractions. Standard English rules apply



Where is the Love?, Is a song by the American hip hop group the black eye peace, the song was released in the year 2003, topping the chart in the US billboard for weeks, the song has received massive air plays and has been used as a theme song for various initiatives and programs globally. The paper will analyze rhetorically on the song by deploying various rhetorical appeals and persuasive strategies like ethos, pathos, and logos in analyzing the song.


The artistry technique of persuading a given audience, which is sometimes referred to an appeal to logic by use of images, facts, quotes and real-life situations or circumstantial events; In the song, the black eye peas provide a vivid description of the events and circumstances that are happening in the United States primarily the social vices such as police brutality and injustices, corruption, the Crips, the Blood and the Ku Klux Klan and their influences in the community. The above can be observed from their lyrics, “but we still got terrorists her livin’ in the USA, the big CIA, the Bloods and the Crips and the KKK.” The of imagery has extensive been deployed by the black eye peas to ensure the audience resonate or related with the issues being conveyed through the music, world phrases like “People killin’, people dyin’, children hurt and …” These imagery illustrations that create a vivid picture in the mind of the listener allows the latter to comprehend and understand issues being sang through the lyrics which helps solidify the message in the music.

Coherently, there is extensive use of statistics, a significant feature of logos; “Nations dropping’ bombs, chemical gasses filling’ the lungs of little ones.” There is a significant number, in terms of statistic of people succumbing to “these” bombings, the singers continue to show the events occurring lamenting that the bombings and chaos could have been avoided if there was love in the world.


Most songs do not deploy the use of ethos, which is of the rhetorical techniques used to stress on the issue of ethics. However, in the song where is the love? By black eye peas one can identify the use of the latter in their musical prowess. The song is politically inclined addressing the issues affecting the American community in the United States; thus the song acted as a “protest” towards the grievances of the American people and other minority, minority groups revolving around, police brutality, and corruption among others. The song carried an important message of showing love and making the world a better place, being an international music group the song received massive airplay across America and the rest of the world. And thus the message of positivity was spread across the globe hence influencing ethically various corrupt organs of the government and other public and private institutions.


Pathos, create a sense of emotion towards the listener when listening to the music, in the of black eye peas song, where is the love? There are lyrical lines that attribute feelings and emotion an example “Chemical gases fillin’ lungs of little ones” portrays utilization of pathos by allowing the audience to be emotionally attached with the above words, which in the real sense can provoke distressing emotions. Since it is difficult to imagine a child being subjected to a harmful gas or chemical thus the utilization of the pathos in the song has created a bond between the listeners and the writers of the song.


The utilization of the above rhetorical strategy that includes mobilization of ethos, pathos, and logos in generating lyrics for the song have influenced the success of the song because these attributes have created a lasting bond between the song and the audience making the music successful in America and the rest of the world.