Speech: Sacrifices

Speech: Sacrifices

Speech: Sacrifices

Hello, everyone, it is my sincere hope that everyone one of us is fine. We have all heard or read about people who made sacrifices, had a love for their families and as well, loved their communities equally. We have either read about them in books, watched videos or heard about them from someone. Some of these books include classics such as Hunger Games and Private Peaceful. Some characters in these books have shown the above-stated traits very firmly and with a lot of self-will.

Sacrifice is the act of giving up something of value for the sake of something else considered being of more worth or rather in a situation based, can be referred to as the act of offering oneself for the sake of receiving something else which is of more importance.

In the two books, there are some sacrifices shown by the characters therein:

Sacrifice and love for the Community.

In Hunger Games, Katniss shows love for her community. When the Capitol keeps its population in a line in an attempt to keep them separated. She picks a firm stand at the arena. She believes that success will come from staying apart from the others and considering everyone around her an enemy but later on realizes that unity is crucial. The Capitol uses class and spectacle to separate anyone from growing close to the others. Katniss comes to the realization that people are stronger when united. First through her alliance with Rue and then with Peeta, she finds out that she survives better when they do things as a team.

In Private Peaceful, kindness in the community and family members can be seen even among adopted members like Molly. He took care of Tommo and Big Joe. Morpurgo shows how bonds of brotherhood that remains steadfast such as the time of war and sorrow like during WW1 and when hard times come to the community after his father’s death

Sacrifices to defend moral values

In Hunger Games, Katniss sacrifices to defend moral values in her community. She empathizes with others, an act that makes her come to the realization that the community is joined by shared humanity. An emotional moment passes when District 11 gifts Katniss bread for her affection towards Rue. She comes to the realization that the community crucial. Katniss’ growing sense of community helps her identify the society’s primary antagonist as the Capitol.

In Private Peaceful Sacrifice to defend moral values can be seen through young, Charlie and Tommo. They share a close relationship. Tommo has deep respect and admiration for Charlie while Charlie takes care of and protects Tommo from his fears. Even in the trenches, we see Charlie taking care of Tommo from soldiers like Nipper. Nipper and some of the soldiers laugh and make jokes at Tommo’s ‘squeaky’ voice. Tommo feels hurt that Molly and Charlie are in love, but this does not later the love he has for his brother. Tommo and Charlie take care of Big Joe, such as by fighting bullies like Jim Parsons who call Big Joe a loony.

Sacrifice for love of family

In Hunger Games, Katniss shows sacrifice for love of family by resolving to take care of Prim when their father died. She survived the difficult situation since she had Prim to look after. Her love for her sister her mother is what keeps her strong as the provider of the family. Peeta shows an act of kindness with the bread. She appreciates it saying that the piece of bread gave her strength in that period.  Katniss makes an another sacrifice when she takes her sister’s position within Hunger Games. She collaborates with Peeta towards ending of the Games while they pop the berries in their mouth. The two had been ready to die as one if the broadcaster hadn’t stopped them. Sacrifices create a big collision since they remind us that human life has a meaning.

In Private Peaceful, we see sacrifice and family love through Tommo father. Tommo remembers when his father sacrificed his life to save him. This was when a tree was falling towards him, but he did not move. The tree was going to fall on him, but his father could not let this happens in his presence. He pushed Tommo out of the way at the last second saving his son’s life but ending his.

Tommo decided to prioritize his family needs after the death of Charlie. To honor his brother, he assumed the role of the household guard. He had just decided to step into Charlie’s shoes.

Sacrifice to defend moral values. From the time Katniss was 11 years of age, she had to sacrifice her safety to feed them. She had to do that to make sure they survived since their father was dead.  Another point could be that could be used is that for her family to stay intact, she sacrificed herself into The Hunger Games in place of her sister. When Katniss became close to Rue, and her protective instincts awoke, the relativity of survival hit her hard, and she stops playing defense sacrificed what morals she had and killed. With Katniss sacrificing her morals, she led the public to believe she was a helpless romantic, which we all knew she wasn’t, to survive and make it out of the games.

In conclusion, I would like to urge you to take these examples as good life lessons. Let the spirit of sacrifices and love guide us. Thank you all for lending me your ears.