The biggest challenges facing young adults today

The biggest challenges facing young adults today

The biggest challenges facing young adults today

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Challenges Young Adults Face Today

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! We have heard different speakers before talk of the numerous problems that young adults face in their daily lives. Many of them have been men and women fit to be our parents and instructors. It is my belief that as much as they might have dire knowledge in the problems we face as young adults, a young adult would be in a better place to tell the problems they face. For this reason, I have decided to give my account on what I believe are the biggest challenges facing us as young adults. However, due to limited time, I will likewise limit myself to three of the major problems to save on time.

We understand that times have changed, and we appreciate that since change is one thing that is inevitable. The problems that might have affected our parents during their youthful days might not be the same problems that face us today. Take for example lack of mentorship; that might have been a problem then but not today. In the contemporary world, young adults are faced with challenges such as drug and alcohol abuse, lack of employment and poor parenting. These issues are increasingly becoming major problems for the young adults in the contemporary world. These problems have been experienced in almost every society all over the world.

Looking at the challenge of drug and alcohol abuse, many of us young adults have been trapped in it for some time now. The problem has been on the rise due to high demands and expectation from this lot. Those who have not been in a position to meet the needs have ended up indulging in drugs and substance abuse. The consequence has been lax living and poor living standards. It has as well led to the deterioration of their health status since they engage careless living habits (Draut, 2015). Others have been involved in antisocial behaviors such as fights that have left them injured. Availability of the drugs and lack of proper measures by the government to curb the challenge have escalated the problem. The government has done very little in light of this, and their ineffective legislative measures have failed to stop the supply chain. (Connell-Carrick, et al., 2007).

Unemployment, which is yet another major challenge facing the young adults in the contemporary world, has of late extensively spread in many regions. The global economic downturn can be blamed for the problem. However, there are other causes other than that. The economic recession the world is experiencing can be primarily be blamed for the problem whatsoever. The challenge has led to many young adults having to contend with layoffs (Connell-Carrick, et al., 2007). Research conducted by investors and economic analysts shows that recession mainly affects the young adults who did not have adequate skills in their areas of specialization (Draut, 2015). Due to this challenge, it has therefore been necessary for the young adults to opt for antisocial and unorthodox practices in an attempt to get money. These activities include crime and prostitution (Connell-Carrick, et al., 2007)

Poor parenting, being the third challenge have increasingly increased of late and is affecting quite a lot of young adults all over the world. (Draut, 2015). A considerable lot of today’s young adults are raised in broken homes influencing how they develop and adjust to life. In a few occasions, these youths have been raised in the hardships of children homes and orphanages as a result of being left by their parents (Connell-Carrick, et al., 2007). They are therefore unable to deal with the challenges they might face as adults. They are unsure of what they are expected to do by the society and therefore end up carrying blame from other members of the society who view them as irresponsible. The problem extends to the families when they decide to settle down. Since the young adults were not brought up in the best way possible, it becomes a problem to bring up their own children in an efficient way. They end up struggling too much and as a result experience difficulties that might lead to lifestyle diseases such as depression due to desperation.

In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to challenge every one of us, young or old, to come up with solutions to these problems at the core levels. If every society developed solutions for curbing these problems, we would have a better world with fewer problems to worry about. With that said, thank you all for lending me your ears and for your time. I appreciate.


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