The Ted Talk by Helen Fisher

The Ted Talk by Helen Fisher

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12 Chapter 12 – Communication in Families(1)

Communication is the number one reason for the disintegration of the family unit in the United States

The Ted Talk by Helen Fisher

The video brings into perspective the reality about love in its own element as attested to by the presence of the love poem by Kwakiutl Indian of Southern Alaska. It is about a research carried out in various regions with the subject matter of the process being love. In addition, the research features such aspects as people who are: madly in love, happily in love and those who have been dumped. The video could be interpreted as a package of valuable lessons about life with respect to love; it sheds light on the fact that love is a feeling that people could go to great extremes to achieve with some even daring to kill to that effect. However, Helen Fisher notes that it’s not always merry when it comes to love where the video presents a sample college students who had either been dumped or had dumped people who really loved them; the video is also quick to note that love wreaks havoc on one’s heart immediately when they decide to get out of its tenacious grip. Moreover, the talk attempts successfully to differentiate between various types of love and ear marks romantic love as the one where a male would only date a single lady without necessarily having other sex partners; it is also worth noting that this kind of love is associated with three parts of the brain (Gary Chapman,2006).

The first reaction that I experience to this video is thinking that it is rather cliché as it is, since choosing the right partner has featured in a thousand and one relationship seminars I have attended before. Alexandra paints a picture of failed marriages in the society which he attributes to ignorance and recklessness at the courtship period and proposes that people should pay more attention to the traits and preferences of their potential lovers long before settling for marriage.

In the third video, Mandy creates a whole new reality about love. With her 36-question framework, she believes that love could be engineered using this question as it were. In retrospect, I would think that this approach to love is a bit ambiguous (Chris Anderson, 2016).

All the three talks seem to agree that the best love is the one between two people who direct all their love energy to each other (romantic love). By comparison, of all the three videos Helen’s is the best since it covers the love situations at hand (the five love languages) and not the ones that are close to being branded figment of imagination due to their abstract nature.


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