The movie ″Maleficent″… Why she ISN′T a villain!

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Hello. Please write an argumentative essay on why Maleficent shouldn′t be portrayed as a villain. It should be in MLA format, approximately 750 words with at least 2 cited sources (must include the source I gave in the upload) Please see the essay structure in the uploaded document.

Why I think Maleficent is not a good villain

Why I think Maleficent is not a good villain

What is considered to be a good villain is not everything that has cool posing or else evil laughs. It is usually not all about the evil that look by the way that they are acting or how various persons get fears about them. According to the movie, good villain is about the ruthlessness, the tactics that they use as well as the way the movie is set using the villain theme. Maleficent’s concept was taken to be an interesting concept in the movie (Adolfo, 2015, p 8-16). Accordingly, Maleficent is used as a symbol of all worldly evils. This is because it has no care of being a human being which is basically a type of satanic villain.

The way all he above is portrayed in the storyline even if it did not quit exactly make any sense though. Maleficent is seen arriving at a party while deciding on striking some fear into people since she was unwanted. So as to revenge and also prove the rest to doing what she had ordered, she spelled on Aurora that on her sixteenth birthday, she was supposed to prick her own finger into being a spindle which later would cause her death (Asmawati, 2015 p 13-15).  During the occurrence of the scene, the way she as acting as she appeared seems very artificial as that made her appear as a type of cliché villain. There was not shown any single thing about her that seemed unique. As a matter of fact, she was portrayed as being so interesting but not so much unique on the other side. Many more of those villains that one would think of them being a cliché story.

In the movie, Maleficent appears during the scene and the initial thing that comes out of her mouth is an evil laugh which is taken as very obvious. Many things apart from that happened as she starts the evil laugh as many times during the scene which was realistic in a different way form, or shape.

The next thing that follows is if Disney wanted to have a very interesting rounded villain, they were to make her shades of grey instead of all dark character. Another good option for the movie makers could be portraying the shown symbol in a better way, and they did not do it. The movie makers kept the cliché (Adolfo, 2015, p 8-16). The movie is not like Shan Yu, who was an action based character and the role he played in the movie was made up by the actions he portrayed instead of using his dialogue.

As seen in the movie, Maleficent is not horrendous when playing the role she is supposed to play of being a villain. She is acting as a bad person but not as bad as the other villains. One of the main thing that gets the viewers along about Maleficent is the way she was done.  The next thing about Maleficent in the movie is that she has bad motives. For what reasons could love to come to a christening? There is no sense in that. Viewers will wonder why the devil would really love that. (Asmawati, 2015 p 13-15)  The viewer’s criticism is that there is ore show of realism in the movie in various facts such as Maleficent being an evil symbol, although she was not offered a back story or anything that gives the viewer’s more in the movie.

The viewer’s understand that she was evil but artificially quite evil. Regardless of all this, there was a very flat and boring symbol as well who consists of primarily basic and small amounts of traits. Lacking any developments at all, it also seems not in any way rounded up. There are no much thoughts put on her. How easy is it to have thoughts of an evil and dark character?  Maleficent requires to have some form of perspective or something that seems different that is shown of her in the movie. Her complete make up in the movie is mostly basic traits and there is nothing much.

Additionally, the only reason that make people like her is because of her complete theme. As it was mentioned earlier, there is much focus by people on her evilness and her theme completely which is of green and devilish colors that they don’t pay any attention to anything that concerns her depth.   Maleficent factually super powerful but taking a second thought, viewers would imagine that she lacked her powers (Adolfo, 2015, p 8-16). The people would start imagining if her character would be the same. According to my review, it would not be the same. This is reasonable but the main point is that people have thoughts of Maleficent having a real character which she really does not obtain. There is evidence of her powers taking up her characters and this is distractive o people from herself.



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